What I feel when opening a Presenter class for first time

In this list of public methods, which ones are just handling the View’s events?

When you open a new Presenter that has several methods, it’s a pity to see a lot of methods. You feel overwhelmed of don’t know the flow of the screen. What methods are handling a View’s event? What methods are really doing Presenter business?

Please please please, when writing a Presenter, just call the methods that receive events onSomething(). Instead of login(), onLoginButtonClicked(). That way leads to easy knowing what are the View events that this Presenter has to manage. And, the best of it, when following this rule, it’s easier to write tests. In your tests, you should just call onSomething() events and verify that some View methods are called with the expected values.

And remember: the View has to be dumb. Just forwarding View events to the Presenter, and just offering methods to the Presenter to do View things. The Presenter is the responsible of actually doing the business of that screen, so the View has to be responsible of doing what the Presenter expects from it.